What is ASP?

ASP is the native asset of Aspire. It is a technical necessity for features on Aspire like creating your own asset (token). gAsp can only be aware of GASP, while Aspire can be aware of both GASP and ASP itself and any other assets created on Aspire. Note: It is a common misconception that ASP is a competitor to gAsp, when in fact it cannot exist without it. Even though ASP is not a traditional blockchain of its own, it serves a steady and critical purpose within the Aspire ecosystem.

How was ASP launched?

ASP was created at with the launch of the Aspire platform. It will be airdropped along with GASP to those who participated in equity ownership of Aspire Technology Inc and early founders. A potential crowdsale may take part in Bermuda.

Is ASP an alt-coin or competitor to GASP?

No. ASP cannot exist without gAsp, as Aspire extends the basic features of gAsp’s blockchain allowing users to create their own assets like ASP on AspireWallet.com . Can more ASP be created? No. The supply of ASP and GASP is fixed to 1 Billion Total of each.

What is ASP used for?

ASP is used to create new assets/assets on Aspire. The current fee to create a new asset/token with a unique name is 10 ASP. In the future ASP will be used as the fuel for smart contracts on Aspire. When those future smart contracts are running, ASP will be used for each execution step.