“Thanks for visiting Aspire! To receive your 10 ASP and 1 GASP  (enough to create 1 full-fledged digital asset on Aspire that can comprise up to 92 billion tokens), join our bounty program!

How to join:

1) Create a wallet on AspireWallet.com (Save your login info and wallet address)

2) Post something like “Do you want to create your own cryptocurrency and pay way less in fees than Ethereum and Counterparty? Check out AspireWallet.com #ASP #GASP #aspirecrypto #aspirewallet #buildbackcrypto #makecryptogreatagain” You can post on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or Facebook

3) Join our Aspire Telegram Room ( https://t.me/AspireCommunity)

4) Post the link to your Aspire promotion and your GASP address in the Aspire Telegram Room

5) Wait for your coins to arrive into your wallet and start building!

Aspire’s Web Wallet (shown above) is available at AspireWallet.com

Note* QT Wallets don’t access Aspire assets.  Use https://aspirewallet.com to access Aspire assets.

gAsp Windows QT – Download Official Release

gAsp MAC QT – Download Official Release

gAsp Linux QT – Download Official Release

gAsp Linux arm QT – Download Official Release

Source Code – Download Official Release

Aspire’s Github is open source at https://github.com/AspireOrg 

You can find the following source codes to:



Aspire Federated Node