How does Aspire work?

Aspire is a software platform that allows users to create their own digital assets. When a peer wants to send some of their digital asset to another peer, a small amount of Asp is required to facilitate the sending of that asset. Aspire embeds data into transactions on the Asp blockchain. To a regular Asp client, these transactions look like normal transactions, with one peer sending another peer a very small amount of Asp. An Aspire node (which runs the Asp client along with the Aspire software) will recognize and interpret the data in these Asp transactions based on specific rules. This allows construct of its own ledger of Aspire transactions that it has seen on the Asp network. Essentially, the user that sent the transaction is paying the Asp network to record and secure this embedded Aspire data.

What is "Asp"?

"Asp" is the native token of Aspire and the gas coin for all other Aspire created assets. Any asset created on Aspire needs little Asp to send that asset. Asp is a technical necessity for adding advanced features to Aspire.

How Many Asp are there?

10 million Asp have been created. A 60% percentage will be offered for sale in the crowdsale and 40% will go to the Aspire Foundation.

So does Aspire have its own Blockchain?

Yes. The gas of Aspire is known as Asp, and it's the core blockchain that Aspire uses to record all transactions. This embedding method is technically known as embedded consensus.

When compared to other blockchains, how secure is Asp and Aspire?

Security was extremely important when designing an asset creation platform. Asp has implemented ACP (Advance Checkpoints) to prevent 51% attacks, double spending and hostile takeovers of the blockchain. Bitcoin XT has shown that one person can potentially takeover the blockchain and potentially change the parameters. Asp is actually more secure then Bitcoin. Aspire is the only platform to offer this level of core protection.

How do the Asp clients/nodes stay connected?

Each Asp client/nodes run the same base code, and receives the same transaction data, the ledgers across each node match exactly. Asp nodes are similar to Bitcoin nodes as they communicate with each other.

Just like Bitcoin, the Asp clients and nodes create a peer-to-peer network.

What about Sidechains?

Aspire is optimal for any type of transactions and greatly benefits from the security of the main chain. However, if sidechains are ever released, there is no reason that they couldn’t be made to work with Aspire. By it's base design,  it can work with just about any blockchain out there, including sidechains.

What kind of addresses does Aspire use?

Aspires gas coin aka Asp and any asset created on Aspire will use an address that starts with the letter G. One address can be used for all assets on Aspire.

Can I secure my Asp and assets in cold storage?

Absolutely.  You can make a regular Asp paper wallet and store them there. Later, you can sweep the funds into a new Asp wallet.