What is Aspirewallet?

AspireWallet is an open-source web wallet for gAsp (GASP) and Aspire (ASP), a protocol for asset creation tools. It is built using Javascript, gAsp libraries and Aspire software which have evolved from others open source code libraries such as CounterWallet.

  • AspireWallet handles transaction signing locally, which means your passphrase and private keys never leave your browser. It can be accessed at

What are some of AspireWallet’s features?

  • Supports GASP, ASP and all Aspire assets.
  • Create and manage new assets/tokens) on the gAsp blockchain.
  • Distribute sub assets to holders of your 1st asset.
  • Broadcast data feeds to the gAsp network.
  • Monitor the Aspire network statistics
  • Strong privacy – no registration required; you can run your own AspireWallet
  • Multilingual (English, Chinese, Russian and other languages)
  • Deterministic hierarchical wallet
  • Supports desktop and mobile browsers
  • Client-side authentication/encryption
  • Cold storage support (with Armory)
  • Multi-sig support (up to 3-of-3)
  • Watch-only addresses

Where can I access it?

AspireWallet (AW) hosted by the Aspire project is available at . However, because source code is open source, anyone can host and alter their own instance of AspireWallet. Those instances, however, are not under control of, so it is up to the user to assess reliability and trustworthiness of the host.

What is an Asset/Token/Coin? How can I store them?

Assets (also known as tokens or coins) are user-created currencies that are stored inside the gAsp blockchain using Aspire technology. Anyone can create their own.

All AspireWallet addresses are regular gAsp addresses. You can store GASP, ASP, and user created assets on any AspireWallet address. In fact, you can store any Aspire assets on any regular gAsp address as well, provided that you have access to the private key of that address. (Altcoins that have their own blockchain, which is separate from the gAsp blockchain, are not supported.)

Is AspireWallet down?

Aspire health status monitor is available here. Should the server you’re connecting to be unresponsive or time out, you can try to directly access another of servers listed at It is also possible that AspireWallet is being updated or upgraded.

AspireWallet is offline. Can I still access my funds?

Yes, and your orders and assets are still there*. You can mathematically generate your public and private keys using your passphrase. Since the addresses are generated on the fly using JavaScript, it is possible to do this in your own browser (even offline). Instructions coming soon.

Can I try AspireWallet on testnet?

Yes, you can test AspireWallet by using a testnet instance located at To acquire some testnet assets, join the telegram channel and ask us.

I logged in and my address is different, and I have no balance! Help!

In rare circumstances an address can disappear from the view. You can add another address from the AspireWallet user interface and in all likelihood the address will reappear. Otherwise you can use this tool (coming soon) to obtain the private key for the missing address and then use the import feature in AspireWallet to import its assets to another address in your AspireWallet.

I sent GASP to AspireWallet, why doesn’t it show up?

It either was not sent, or it has not arrived. To check for GASP transactions, use one of the gAsp blockchain explorers and to check for ASP and other Aspire-based assets, use

Why do I need small amounts of GASP to do things in AspireWallet?

Aspire builds directly on top of the gAsp network, and every Aspire transaction is a gAsp transaction as well. This means that Aspire transactions are the same as as gAsp transactions, with some information attached. Because of this, Aspire transactions must pay a small GASP fee to the gAsp miners for each transaction sent.

Does AspireWallet support two-factor authentication?

No. But you can create multi-signature addresses to better protect your assets.

What else do I need to know?

  • All encryption is handled client-side. Neither your passphrase nor any of your private information ever leaves your browser. This also means that there is no password recovery, so make sure you do not lose your passphrase. We have absolutely no way to recover it for you.
  • Because AspireWallet does not store your credentials, it has no access to your information. However it is important to use a reputable AspireWallet provider.

Can I run my own AspireWallet server?

Yes, although that requires a full gAsp node and some technical knowledge. Please refer to this page (coming soon) for details on how to setup an Aspire Federated Node.