Our Approach

Aspire was created under the vision of  Michael Terpin and Jim Blasko. After years of working together in the Bitcoin and blockchain space, they realized a better asset solution platform was needed. Aspire was built to replace the existing platforms and their associated problems.

Our Story

Michael Terpin and Jim Blasko formed bCommerce labs in 2015 to facilitate the creation of their ideas, into working projects and platforms.

Meet the Aspire Team

Our team is loaded with experience in the field of Crypto and blockchain development.

Michael Terpin

Founder & CEO bCommerce Labs

Michael Terpin has been found at every convention for Bitcoin since 2013. He is a member of the Satoshi Roundtable and was the cofounder of BitAngels. Michael is CEO, Transform Group, chairman BitAngels, bCommerce Labs, CommPro; founder, Marketwired

Jim Blasko

bCommerce Labs Chief Cryptographer

Jim Blasko is a blockchain developer who has been working directly with Michael Terpin since 2013. He has created several well known cryptos and platforms in the Bitcoin space and is actively found at Bitcoin conventions as a speaker.

Ahmed Bodi

Aspire Team Developer

Ahmed has worked on crypto technologies and was introduced to Jim Blasko and Michael Terpin in 2013. Since that meeting Ahmed's contributions to blockchain's technology have been invaluable

Matt Smith

Aspire Team Developer

Matt Smith has worked in developing platforms for crypto since 2013. He was the first new member of the team to join Michael Terpin and Jim Blasko in 2016.

David Suzuki

Community Manager

David came on board in 2017 to help manage the community of Aspire. He manages the facebook, twitter, slack, and social sites.

Join Our Team

Developers Wanted

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